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Mundane Magic

Willow’s new book is a collection of 16  lyrical essays and original artwork for people who love being outside, thinking differently, and seeing the bright side.


Consider it a North Carolina version of A Sand County Almanac with a surreal, feminine twist, where observations of the Piedmont symbolize a story of getting to know an unfamiliar place by finding wonder in the ordinary.

"I don’t believe in coincidences. My inability to understand meaning and significance does not imply a lack thereof. I believe the earth, the world, the cosmos, the all – it speaks. Constantly. In languages I cannot understand. In signs I can only begin to interpret."

"Magic happens whether we see it or not. It’s all in the way you choose to look at things. Small, ordinary events only seem mundane until you open your mind. Then, the veil lifts. Childlike wonder is restored, complete with lessons in every observation, like how life is about transformation or how its flavor is bittersweet."

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