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Half Power, Half Coward

From the archives, 2019.

I’m kind of a weird person, kind of strange and kind of deranged.

I know some secrets about the avoided and the unexplained, the forgotten and the ignored that most don’t want to hear.

Half power, half coward.

If I told you would you believe me?

That time is an iridescent smear, a whirring wha wha of meaning and meaningless.

I’m scared of the heavy white noise that comes with the bright lights before the change.

Reality and illusion intertwined.

I looked in the mirror, black blue purple hue, deeper than the sea, deeper than the sky.

She’s the power, the fear, the sphinx. And I am…

Going deep inside now, finding how many layers until the core.

Shredding, peeling, pinecone curls.

Trembling, sparkling, only just beginning to remember.

The things above the pool I’m looking through.

Like where is my home, not here, but old.

That the trees talk if you know how to listen.

And love is the flower that blooms and the wind that blows.

Like I said, kind of strange and kind of deranged.

Its funny, I shouldn’t share, but wha-wha meaningless and it makes me laugh.

Magic is the mind, and I am here to remind you with this body I talk through.

Half power, half coward, part beginning, part end.

It was never supposed to make sense.

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