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Writer. Aquarius. Nature enthusiast. Obsessed with transformation and otherworldly experiences. Keep reading to get to know me and check out my work. 



Willow Noelle Groskreutz is a writer, artist, and musician from Anchorage, Alaska, currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina. A writer of imaginative stories as a child, including Coyote Redwood (2011), Willow studied English at the University of Alaska Anchorage and holds a certificate in Professional Writing from the University of California Berkeley.


She began her professional career as a copywriter and content creator in the cannabis industry. Her experience includes industrial hemp, recreational and medicinal cannabis, and psychedelics, where she covered a diverse range of topics for a variety of clients. You can learn more about her cannabis journey here.


Willow has also written extensively about health and wellness, entrepreneurship, technology, and food and beverage. Her portfolio extends from technical writing that communicates the functionality of innovative new technologies and plant medicine to grant writing and creative writing. She writes short stories, lyrical essays, and prose.


Inspired by nature and endlessly intrigued by transmutation and anything surreal, Willow writes with a whimsical, matter-of-fact style that leaves readers reflecting on their own experiences or thinking differently. Her literary inspirations include Barbara Kingsolver, Kate DiCamillo, Isabel Allende, and Carlos Castaneda. 



Willow is a true gift to writing profession. Not only is she incredibly diligent with deadlines and project benchmarks, but her writing style is smooth, carefully crafted, and her words immediately engage the reader. Willow’s writing is evidence of someone who is passionate about the written word. Her strong research skills and ability to translate complex research into palatable terms make her an asset to the content strategies of her clients. Willow is creative, detail-oriented, and can be trusted to complete all work that is given to her with excellence.

-Anne-Marie E. Fischer, M.Ed.





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